About Us

Black Hawk College of Computer Studies was established in 2007 by the Professionals and Engineers with motto


Black Hawk aims to provide our students with the highest-quality education and to prepare them quickly to enter the employment market with confidence, marketvalue skills, and demonstrated computer proficiencies. It is committed to the provision of the quality and relevant for IT specialists and professionals. In an increasingly complex world in relation to global markets and emerging multi-national culture involving competition at the national, regional, and international levels. Black Hawk is a multipurpose organization driven towards harnessing the best of the technology era and providing solutions locally and globally. It is established as a premier provider in one roof as  IT solutions,

  • Web solutions
  • Designing, Visual Effect & Animation (Media Technology)
  • Hardware & Network services
  • Database & Recovery Solution
  • IT Consultant

We believe that nobody should be unemployed due to lack of access to IT skills. That's why, Black Hawk is instructing its student with computer driven technologies and leading edge materials that today's employers are seeking in

their hiring prospects. We are providing specialized technical skills i.e. computer education to our students needed in today's corporate world.

Who are We?

We are the group of professionals and engineers, with years of experience and practice we came on conclusion of establishing a company which helps general to learn quality education and professional service to our valuable clients. We establish the company with local manpower with international quality services.

What We do?

We have good team of Web Development, Hardware and Networking Support, Graphics and Multimedia Specialists, Database Administrator & Civil team.

Computer Education

Selecting a computer institute is very difficult decision for any student. There are so many things to be considered - location, quality of computer education, and how well the institute will prepare you for your career. So, Black Hawk understands the value of your budget for excellent education for the lifelong learning. Black Hawk provides you:

  • Information packages on courses,
  • Counselling for IT education,
  • Well equiped computer lab, digital notes and projection,
  • Affordable tuition fees (8000+ satisfied students)